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Scheduly is the all in one automated solution to allow appointment reservations without the back and forth


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appointment scheduling software

Making scheduling appointments simple

Scheduly is an automation plataform to allow easy appointment scheduling, payments and much more

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Automate your appointment scheduling

Scheduly is a FREE online appointment scheduling software that enables you to automate the process of making bookings. With an array of customisable features designed to work with the unique services that your business provides, you’re able to have immediate insight into the availability of your staff and appointment slots available to customers.
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Let clients book and pay

Scheduly can also be used for accepting payments, creating unique offers to attract repeat customers and provide automated reminders to people who’ve booked your services. Perhaps most importantly, it can seamlessly integrate into your existing website. So there’s no need to create an entirely new site to accommodate a new booking system.

Features that everyone loves

More than just an appointment scheduling software. Supercharge your business with advanced features.

Appointments Calendar

View and create bookings for all team members in one place with just a few clicks.

Online Bookings

Empower your clients to make bookings 24/7 through your website using the booking widget.

Automatic SMS Reminders

Customise the software to run your rental equipment business with no hassles.

online payments

Receive payments and deposits by credit card using Stripe, protecting your business from no-shows.

Wordpress Integration

Integrate with WordPress, Google Calendar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and our open API.

Customizable Booking System

Edit terminology used in the admin panel and booking page to suit your business needs.

Scheduly boost

How can Scheduly boost your business

Scheduly cater to diverse needs. Our appointment scheduling software is amazing for industries such as education, professional services and healthcare. It works similarly to other tools such as Calendly, Timely or Simplybook. Scheduly also helps rental businesses organize equipment schedules and reservations via our equipment rental software. Discover how one or more of Scheduly tools can streamline time management, enhance organization, and contribute to more efficient and synchronized operations.

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Automate the process of managing appoinmtents

The good news is that alternatives are available — appointment scheduling software can revolutionise the process, for your customers, your employees and for yourself.

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Give your clients a choice

The world is moving towards remote service providers at a rate we’ve never seen before. Offer virtual appointments using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Goggle meet. Scheduly is fully integrated with your favorite tools to allow a seamless experience for you and your clients.

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Boost Productivity

Streamline your booking process with Scheduly! Stop wasting valuable time and money playing phone-tag and answering the constant stampede of questions about opening times and availabilities. Scheduly allows your clients to see each team members availability and book appointments at anytime of the day or night, with just a few simple clicks of the booking widget.

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Never double book a space or resource again.

Automate the allocation of resources, treatment rooms, equipment and space with Scheduly. Create resources to suit your business when you create your Scheduly account. This step in the process allows you to add the resource to the appointments in your schedule - avoiding embarrassing double bookings.

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View the appointments for all staff in one glance using this powerful tool.

The admin dashboard of our appointment scheduling software features a user-friendly calendar management system. The layout of the scheduling calendar displays the occupied, free and unavailable blocks of time for each employee. The calendar is interactive allowing you to edit, change and view details of each booking. This tool allows you to easily identify gaps in the schedule and maximise the potential of your daily business. Scheduly is built for solo business owners or businesses with multiple staff members. Unlike other software booking applications you will never pay more for extra team members when using Scheduly.

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Use an easy online scheduling software

It’s clear that relying solely on manual input is problematic and likely to cause issues further down the line. Nor does it give you effective visibility into the best ways to manage your staff and arrange schedules accordingly.

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Convert traffic into bookings

No matter what line of work you’re in, scheduling appointments is critical. It’s frequently the first point of contact between customers and your business, so you want to make sure that crucial first impression is a good one. But as a small business, navigating appointments, storing them all correctly and ensuring that all staff have visibility can be a tricky process.

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Powerful analytics

Scheduly can also help streamline your business by giving you greater visibility into the inner workings of the number of appointments you’re receiving, which of your services are proving most popular, as well as being able to see at a glance which staff are available to service them.

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"I get 50% more bookings simply because Scheduly makes it easier for my clients to schedule online. I wish I had started using Scheduly earlier "

Diana, Life Coach

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With Scheduly it is just a matter of plug and play.

To discover more about how Scheduly’s online booking system can aid your business, sign up today. We’ll be more than happy to help you with whatever booking system needs you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Online payments are a feature of Scheduly Pro. Receive credit card payments through Stipe and access options to protect your business against no shows.
Yes! You can import your customer data base from a .csv file.
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