7 Tips to take your business online

No-one could have predicted the challenges that 2020 has brought and the disruption caused by a global pandemic to businesses worldwide. As we all adjust to the ‘new normal’, it is clear that the businesses that have survived and even thrived during lock-down are those that have boosted their online services or switched to using …

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What to learn from mistakes

Have you ever said “I will never do it again” only to find yourself in the same position a short time later? You are not alone. Many of us repeatedly keep making the same mistakes that keep costing us or others money. Thankfully, we can all learn from our mistakes and gain the skills that …

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How to reduce “No-Shows”

From lost time to lost revenue, no-shows are not just frustrating – they can be hugely disruptive to your business. While it will never be possible to completely eliminate no-shows, there are certainly things you can do to incentivize customers to keep their appointments, and reduce the number of missed appointments. Why do customers miss …

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