What to learn from mistakes

Have you ever said “I will never do it again” only to find yourself in the same position a short time later?

You are not alone. Many of us repeatedly keep making the same mistakes that keep costing us or others money.

Thankfully, we can all learn from our mistakes and gain the skills that will help us the the future.

1 . Acknowledge Your Mistakes

Minimizing your responsibility or blaming other people is not helpful. Before you can learn from mistakes you have to admit when you have done something wrong either deliberately or unintentionally.

If you are repeatedly making the same mistakes take time to consider the circumstances and the reasons.

2. Reframe the Error

Instead of viewing mistakes as purely negative you can start perceive them as opportunities to learn. Stop beating yourself up and take a moment to think about what you can gain for the situation. In this way you will motivate yourself and others to become more knowledgeable and mentally stronger.


3. Analyze the Mistake

Ask yourself a few tough questions:

  • What was I trying to do?
  • What went wrong?
  • Why did it go wrong?
  • How could I do better next time?
  • What did I learn for it?

Writing down your answers will help you see the situation more clearly.

Whether you are on new territory or old ground there could be multiple causes of mistakes. Take time to consider all factors such as bad habits, being careless, reacting too quickly, failing to research, being unrealistic, etc.

4. Find the Flaws in Your Thinking.

You easily identify what went wrong by comparing what you hoped would happen and why vs how things actually happened. Ask your self more tough questions:

  • Where my goals attainable?
  • Did I overestimate my capabilities?
  • Did I make the wrong assumptions?
  • Did I underestimate the situation?
  • Did I do enough research?
  • Did my strategies make sense?
  • How well laid out was my plan?
  • Did I/we fail executing the plan?
  • What do others have to say about what I have done wrong?

5. Make a Plan

You cannot expect different results if you keep doing the same things. Start behaving in a different based on what you have learned. Make a detailed plan with the actions to follow to prevent this mistake from happening again. Experiencing success will motivate you to become more knowledgeable and learning from mistakes.

6. Make It Harder To Fail

Do not rely on will power alone. Find creative ways to become more disciplined and stop you from taking shortcuts or instant gratification.

7. Create a List of Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Make The Same Mistake Again

A list of all the reasons why you should stay on track may help you develop you self discipline muscle during the toughest moments. Write it down and go back to it to keep you focus and motivated to follow your plan.

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