Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the Free plan really free?
    When you register you get access to an absolute 100% free plan with no expiry date.

  • What is Scheduly Pro?
    Scheduly Pro is an optional upgrade for companies needing additional features such as manual approvals, Stripe payments and free SMS reminders

  • Are reminders included?
    Automatic email reminders are included in all plans. As an option Scheduly Pro offers also free SMS reminders

  • Can I downgrade at any time?
    Yes. You can downgrade to a free plan any time you want. No questions asked.

  • Scheduly App & Marketplace

  • Do you have an app for iPhone/Android?
    Scheduly is a web app developed to work flawlessly on any PC or mobile. It is more stable than a native app and you are guaranteed to have permanent access to all features from any device

  • Do you have a marketplace where I can list my business?
    Market places can harm some businesses by exposing their clients to competitors. This is why we prefer not to offer a marketplace

  • Online Point Of Sale

  • How do online payments work?
    Scheduly Pro offers the the option to secure bookings via credit card using Stripe and protect yourself against "no-shows". You can use an existing Stripe account or create a new one very quickly.

  • Customers CRM

  • Can I import my customer database?
    Yes. You can import/export your customer data base from a .csv file.

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