How can clients schedule appointments online?

Amongst other benefits, Scheduling appointments online will save your business and your clients time. Therefore it is always a good idea to encourage your clients to book online.

  1. Your client clicks on your scheduler link (see also how can I create my online scheduler link?)
  2. Select Category and choose a Service
  3. Choose a Timeslot. (Tip: on the top menu filter by staff or select a different date)
  4. Review the appointment details (Tip: change the service provider/Staff if necessary)
  5. Optional: input a discount code if you have any
  6. If available select the option to pay online or pay in person. If you select pay in person you don’t need a credit card and you can click Confirm
  7. Read the cancelation policy and input your credit card details.

NOTE: The client will receive a confirmation of the appointment via email. In case you have activated manual approvals in your settings the client will not receive a confirmation of the appointment until you approve it.

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