How do I set up online payments?

Setting up online payments will help you protect your business against “No-Shows” and late cancelations by validating your client credit card in order to complete an online booking. This gives you the right to charge an amount in case you need to. We are integrated with Stipe payments to achieve this and getting you set up is really easy.

  1. Go to Settings and tap Online Payments.
  2. The first time you see this page you will see a button to create and/or connect with your own Stripe account.
  3. Sign in our sign up for a new Stripe account and then accept the request to link with Scheduly.
  4. Once you have linked your set up you must be able to see the title “No-Show protection”
  5. Select whether to book with credit card only is optional or compulsory.
  6. Ensure you have selected your preferred cancelation policy.
  7. Click Save

Note: The cancelation policy selected will be executed during the service checkout depending on how you want to do it. For more information see How do I checkout a service?

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