What are analytics?

The analytics page provides a graphical overview of your business performance. The information can be generated for specific periods of time and filtered by location or staff.

The analytics charts present the following information

  1. Sales and credit card sales: Total amount of completed sales of the period and the total amount of sales collected by credit card (Stripe)
  2. Total Bookings and online bookings: Total amount of completed bookings of the period and number of completed bookings created from the scheduler.
  3. Services popularity: Proportion of bookings per service of the period.
  4. Occupancy: total number of hours available in that period and hours worked.
  5. New customers: Total number of new customers added in your database.
  6. No-shows: Total number appointments checked out as “No-shows”.

TIP: Hover with your mouse pointer to different areas of the charts to see specific values.

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