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    Online payments
    2 years agocompleted0
    Allow clients to secure appointments online with a credit card. Reason: payment guarantee, insurance against no-shows, convenience for clients.
  • 86
    Classes & Courses
    2 years agoin progress0
    Create services that can be booked by groups of participants i.e. classes and courses
  • 64
    Promotion coupons
    2 years agocompleted0
    Add a function to create promotion codes to provide discounts to clients. Reason - Improve marketing, sales, convenience
  • 64
    Blast marketing SMS
    1 year agoin progress0
    Feature to create custom marketing SMS campaigns to send many clients at a specific time/date. Reason: marketing, promotions, increase sales.
  • 49
    Google Calendar Integration
    2 years agoin progress0
    Integrate Scheduly calendar with Google calendar
  • 47
    Analytics page
    1 year agocompleted0
    View charts of business performance including sales, # of bookings. Filter per days ,months or year.

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